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All prospective tenants that will be living in the home or leasing the commercial space must view property in-person with the licensed leasing agent.

Each occupant over the age of 18 years old will need to submit a completed application and be prepared for the following:​

A. Income Verification

  • Provide proof of income (three times (3x) the rent amount).

  • Three most recent consecutive pay stubs must be submitted with applications.

  • If self-employed, we will need 3 years of tax returns.

  • If not currently employed, or if income is not three times (3x) the rent amount, three months of bank statements must be submitted.

  • Deniable factors: Unemployed, unable to verify income or funds in accounts, or insufficient income and/or funds.

B. Rental History

  • Current and previous residence history with contact number and email of landlords. Provide two-years rental history.

  • Current and previous residences must be verifiable.

  • If home was owned, proof of mortgage payments will need to be submitted.

  • Any type of eviction or breach of contract may result in application being denied or an increase in deposit.

  • A lack of verifiable rental history or rental history less than 24-months may require a guarantor, additional deposit, or both.

  • Deniable factors: eviction, unfulfilled lease obligations, NSF checks, property damage, and other factors.

C. Credit Reporting

  • All applicants will have a TransUnion credit report run to determine their payment history, income verification, criminal background, and eviction history.

  • Deniable factors: open bankruptcy, tax liens, unpaid rent collection judgment by court, and other reasons.

D. Criminal Background

  • Each applicant's criminal history will be reviewed.

  • Applicants will be denied for felonies within the last 7 years involving manufacture or distribution of controlled substances.

  • Applicants with other felonies will be considered individually using the following mitigating factors:

    • facts & circumstances of the conduct​ & age at time of conduct

    • evidence of good tenancy before and after the felony

    • nature & severity of the conviction

    • time since the conviction

  • Criminal history that indicates that a tenancy could result in a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or substantial physical damage to the property of the owner or the property of others may result in a denial.​

E. Pet Policy

  • Some of the homes will allow pets and some homes will not. Each case is strictly based on owner approval.

  • Every pet will need to be screened through

  • There will be pet deposits required for all pets.

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